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ARKS Association of Racing Kart School

Kart racing schools are becoming the popular way to take up kart
racing for all age groups.

All the schools listed on this web site are members of the Association of Racing Kart Schools (ARKS) recognised by the MotorSport UK. The organisation is responsible for the now mandatory ARKS tests and also administers Club Examiners. The test costs £98.00 from 1 January 2016 including VAT if applicable, but not including any hire fee for a kart. You will find that all of these schools can offer a professional and high standard of tuition, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced driver wishing to improve. If you should fail one part of the ARKS Test, the Written Test can be re-taken for £50 and the Driving Test for £60.

You can pay for a voucher here on line for either the full test or the Written test and take the voucher to the club or school of your choice.  Please click this link to set up a user name and password, then pay for the voucher via Paypal or credit/debit card but remember you also need to purchase the Start Karting Pack, and that this voucher does not cover the cost of a kart to hire if you do not have your own.

Remember to keep a note of your user name and password because many clubs use this same Trakentries system for race entries, which you might need in the future.

There are some exemptions for drivers who have had a National A licence before, or have enough signatures from Tyro/Clubman events and in some cases these people only need to sit the Written Test.  Check with the Motorsport UK or ARKS to see if that might affect you and whether you also need to purchase the Start Karting pack which costs £59 from www.motorsportuk.org and includes the cost of the first licence(s).

Please note the training video that is included in the Pack is now available on the Video page of this website.  This helps new drivers to learn what is required for the test. A new Bambino driver does not take the ARKS Test but before obtaining their first (free) Bambino Clubman licence for Bambino time trials they must undertake compulsory training but if they want to race then they need to take the ARKS test.  A training record card and details of the training are on the Resources section of the MotorsportUK website or as below.  Note that a Bambino driver must take the full test and buy the Pack to upgrade to a Cadet licence. To complement the MotorsportUK Start Karting pack ARKS provide some useful guidance notes, which novices are encouraged to download and read thoroughly, these are:

Many also run their own race teams, offering anything from complete arrive-and-drive to just supplying a mechanic to help you out.  Parents are encourage to read through the safeguarding guidelines and for choosing a team here.

You could also take the ARKS Novice Driver Test at many of the ABkC clubs, the list of  Examiners at Kart Clubs. However they may not be able to arrange for a hire kart.

Download the ‘How to Start Kart Racing‘ brochure, (this is the 2018 version which is slightly out of date) or contact the ARKS office and we will be happy to post you the 2020/21 version.  Or go to www.startkarting.co.uk