Cadets Age 8 – 13

Boys and girls can start racing karts at the age of 8 in one of the Cadet classes, although some tracks will allow youngsters to practice from the age of 7. They can continue until the end of the year of their 13th birthday, although they may be getting too heavy by then and so can move into certain Junior classes from the age of 11. The three Cadet classes are described below and all are permitted to race together. All have a centrifugal clutch and a recoil starting cord. The special minikarts used are registered with prices controlled to an agreed maximum. Top speed is about 50mph. The Super One Series holds the British Cadet Championshipfor the IAME Cadet class and the ABkC National Championships for Honda Cadet, Rotax and MSA TKM Classes. 

IAME Cadet

Uses a 60cc unsealed 2-stroke Parilla Gazelle UK engine, new from 2013.
Because this is the class used for the premier championships, it is run by most clubs.

Honda Cadet 

Honda Cadet uses a 4-stroke Gx160 engine which is not sealed. The long life engines are very low-cost but have to conform to a technical specification which is on the website in the Regulations section. Most clubs will accept these karts and it has a national ABkC championship in the Super One.  Honda Cadet is the biggest class in the UK.

Class regulations for these classes are in the MSA Kart Race Yearbook and are on the ABkC ( ) website along with any amendments.


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