Clubman Tyro and Libre Kart Class

Certain kart clubs may offer the Kart Tyro / Clubman class.  For this an MSA Clubman licence is required, which may be obtained by downloading a licence application form from or it can be obtained on the day of the race.  Drivers will be observed during practice and if competent will be allowed to race.  Kart engines must not exceed 15bhp for seniors (16 or over) or 10bhp for Juniors (11 or over).  An ARKS test is not required and only medical self-certification is needed, no medical test is required. First licences for drivers under the age of 16 are free, the same as a first Bambino licence and the PG Entrant licence is also required for all drivers under the age of 18.
Libre may be offered at some circuits.
This class does need an ARKS Test for the licence.  It caters for older engines, or those infrequently raced at clubs so various engines may be amalgamated into one class.  The Honda twin engine and World Formula kart classes are now part of either Clubman / Tyro or Libre, see regulations on the MSA Kart Technical resources page.  Some clubs like Shenington use this option to provide low cost economy classes.

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